Super fun and quick shoot for food this week. I was waiting for the perfect lighting to stream in through my windows so I could get these lovely shadows fall onto the lemons


MGH Challenge this week is interior and whilst Melbourne is in lockdown I thought I’d photograph my working from home desk that has become my little sanctuary for the past year. I always love how the light filters through when we have the blinds open when I am not working in that spot.

The Amity Affliction

The amazing Joel Birch from The Amity Affliction was kind enough to jump on the Michelle Hunder Twitch stream and have us re-create their album cover “everybody loves you once you leave them”. Fortunate enough to get the back story behind the album and design, we were then able to take the concept in any direction. I wanted my cover to emote a sadness and a sense of being strangled by love that you don’t know about as it’s only expressed once you leave. Using my nifty little lens filter to create the broken effect of slowly removing oneself from the situation. I also flipped the artwork to enhance the awkward and uneasiness. 

Nature takes over

I loved putting together the concept for this shoot. The theme being nature, I really wanted my subject to blend into the landscape. Thanks to Darcy for braving the Melbourne winter for ocean shots and doing what it takes to get the shot.

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