Tour Poster

*Fake* Tour Poster Challenge this week which was so much fun. Huge thanks to my friend Lou who let me try out so many different things in this shoot

Black & White

If I’m being honest, I was nervous submitting these photos to the challenge and I am nervous now posting them, but I like them so here they are 

Mass Isolation Publication

A year ago the world went into lockdown. A year ago Mass Isolation Australia IG was born. A page to document Australia by photographers as the world went into uncertainty curated by Ballarat Foto Biennale. My own covid series was unfolding when this page popped up and I began using #massisolation in hope to be featured on the page, in which I was lucky enough to have my first image shared. As the page grew and I began doing photo challenges to keep myself creative, my second image series was shared to the page, but little did I know it would stop there. Along the way I was asked to supply high res images which may feature in some marketing material. I actually forgot about that I had done this until Dec 18, 2020 I was asked if the credentials that featured on page 171 of the publication they put together were correct. I was shocked and thrilled at the same time that of 12,000 images, my image was selected to feature in the 207 page book. Today I received the printed publication and am very grateful to be included in this amazing documentation. 

Turn water into wine

Getting creative with household items for the latest MGH challenge. I love how water in a glass makes everything a bit weird and warped and was the perfect prop whilst Chloe providing the perfect expression. Something that I loved about this shoot was that I took about 10 shots over 5min. Something I have been working on with these challenges are working quickly and with what you’ve got, I think this extra mini challenge builds quick thinking and asks you to draw on your knowledge to get the desired result.

Sarah & Jax

A year in the making. Sarah and I had locked in this photoshoot back in April 2020. I was stood down from work and looking for opportunities to stay creative and continue doing photography. I hadn’t done any family portrait work in years but I remembered the way I felt when I got to capture memories and moments for families and I loved that I was able to do that for Sarah & Jax.

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