Witch, don’t kill my vibe!

Back with another MGH Challenge! This week was spooky/halloween theme and I knew I had to take it a step further than my last witch vibe. Amazingly the day the challenge was announced was also the day Melbourne was told outdoor shoots could happen again, which I immediately messaged my friend so we could shoot. I loved this theme and had some many amazing idea’s running through my head that I was so glad I didn’t have to try and execute this as a self portrait. Being able to do this photoshoot and photograph someone else for the first time in months was such a dream! 

Upside Down

With the world feeling upside down at the moment and not sure when lockdown is going to end in Melbourne. I decided to channel this vibe for the latest MGH challenge which is rule of thirds. I’ve always loved the quirky angles or large amounts of negative space in imagery and added that as another layer to my concept of feeling small and disconnected from the world.

Channeling my inner witch

Playing with fire lead to creating a seance circle and channeling my inner witch vibe. After hearing the challenge theme this week, this is exactly where my mind lead me to. However being in lockdown and having no shops open I did wonder how I would get candles in time to be able to create this. Specifically wanting the white pillar candles that are associated with this vibe. Hanging a dark sheet behind me to have a dark background and reducing my shutter to cancel out some ambient light, I think this was the quickest self portrait shoot I have done in fear that I would knock one of the candles over or catch on fire myself. 


Runners up in the MGH creative challenge this week. With my lovely housemate model away for work, I have no resorted to self portraits which are all the more fun having to set everything up and be in the shot. I must add, the added creativity for not having a tripod. I had a completely different idea in mind where i wanted to have the sky reflected in the shot. Thankfully no mirrors were smashed in the making. 


MGH challenge, black and white photography. Taking photos for black and white colour grading needs another layer of planning. When thinking of the shots i wanted to take I thought about how I could create contrast between light and dark, what could create something with more depth than a usual colour image.  A lounge room with sun light and some venetian blinds was the perfect combo to create this look. 

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