Milk Bath

Roping my housemate into the MGH Challenge this week, themed body.  I was excited to shoot and my mind was filled with so many ideas, high contrast shadow work, abstract body shots, but I was extra excited to push my skills and try out a milk bath. I spent the morning capturing a few shots that were high contrast in the sun as a back up and then sneaking around the botanical gardens finding the perfect flowers to go with the shoot. I was so blown away with how this turned out and I guess a few other people were also as I ended up wining the challenge this week. My heart is so full of love for being picked as creative of the week and looking forward to being on the twitch stream next week. 

Stirring, in motion

Something that I have loved throughout this time of being at home more whilst we are in lockdown has been the creative challenges set each week by Michelle Grace Hunder on her twitch stream. This week’s challenge was motion. I thought long about my concept for how to depict my interpretation of motion. Would it be a long exposure or a composite of images? I wanted to reflect how 2020 feels to me. In some sense a blur, at times it feels like we are moving slowly, chaos and head spins like I am on a ride. In other moments, a sense of calm and gentle reflection that gives a softness to life. 

Amy, Venus in Virgo

Amy from Venus in Virgo was such a delight to photograph. It has been a while since I have done a photoshoot in golden hour, but it is my favourite time to shoot. I love how the lighting makes everything so dreamy, warm and inviting which was perfect for Amy’s brand. Her website is beautifully soft and features muted tones making this time of day the right time to be able to incorporate a similar aesthetic into her headshots. 

Mihan Aromatics

The beautiful couple Josh & Jules have launched their own perfume range, Mihan Aromatics, which I have wanted to purchase for a long time. I was drawn to their brand having unisex scents that lend themselves to a more subtle and harmonious combination of fragrances. Earlier this year they launched their sample set which meant I could try them all. Trying to develop my skills in product photography, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to try out some shots. I took a walk around my neighbourhood to collect some flowers and I loved using the natural light through the window and the gorgeous shadows created as the sun peaked from the clouds. 

iso life

A light in the darkness.

A small photo documentation of my time throughout self isolation. Inspired by the words of Christina Rinaldi and iso self portrait challenge from Michelle Grace Hunder.

As home restrictions came in for COVID-19 and I became stood down from my job, I took this as an opportunity to document how I spent my time and use this as a creative outlet. I decided to work with a photography style that I hadn’t really worked with before to provide an additional challenge. Finding the light in what felt like a dark time across the globe. Some days spent sun bathing on the balcony and really taking the time to enjoy the sunshine all day, reading books that sit dusty on my shelf and go for walks where I listen to all the podcast episodes that sit on my list. Other days spent resting, taking naps and spending too much time scrolling tiktok for the next trend.

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