Sense of Self 

Group Exhibition through Platform Exhibtions.

Through photography, Ashlea delves into the intricate relationship between identity, belonging, and nature. Drawing from her own experience where Ashlea has turned to nature and open spaces to connect back to her internal world, she has used these emotions to capture thought provoking images and explore how our surroundings, particularly the natural world, shape our sense of self. 

The photographs showcase the beauty and complexity of nature while also capturing humans seamlessly blending into their environment. Viewers are invited to reflect upon their own experiences and perceptions, contemplating the ways in which our identities are shaped by the world around us. 

Where do you go when you feel disconnected? What natural environment do you turn to? Do you prefer the tall trees of the forests or feeling like a floating leaf in the ocean? How is our sense of self soothed in those environments compared to others?


When thoughts feel chaotic, I go to where the trees are tall and I feel small. To remind myself that they are just tiny voices running in my head. Tree’s  are just being, they’re not comparing themselves to the trees around them, I sometimes wonder how that feels. How can i blend in?


Heavy, unstable and sometimes out in the ether. The hard rock beneath me reminds me I can withstand the weight of life, the erosion that comes with unpredictability of our path.


Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in my own mind. Sometimes going to the ocean enhances the way I feel, just floating at the top of the surface, but after a few moments the feeling fades into a sense of being cleansed and suddenly I have a grip on my mind, it’s like they’ve been washed away and I can take on anything.


And then there are days where I lay in the lush grass, everything is okay. I close my eyes and I feel the world spin. I am content, I am in a daze, and in a place where I linger for a few moments more.


Finally, the sunshine comes. The radiant glow has such an impact on my mood. Feeling the gloom dissipate as the warmth hits me. I let my skin soak in every ray that touches me and I have a hopeful outlook on life. I wonder how life got so messy, but I am grateful that where I am feels like bliss.

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