A Light in the Darkness

In a captivating photo documentation series, Ashlea documents her experience throughout self-isolation. Inspired by the words of Christina Rinaldi and the iso self-portrait challenge initiated by Michelle Grace Hunder, Ashlea embarked on a creative journey to capture the essence of their time spent in isolation.

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought about home restrictions and Ashlea found herself temporarily stood down from her job, she saw an opportunity to document her daily life and channel her creativity. Embracing a photography style that deviated from her usual approach, she welcomed the additional challenge as it enriched the concept of the project. Amidst the prevailing darkness that engulfed the world, Ashlea sought to find the light, metaphorically and literally.

Some days were spent basking in the soothing rays of sunlight on the balcony, savouring every moment and finding solace in the simple pleasure of sunshine. Dusty books that had long been neglected on the shelf became a source of nourishment for the mind, as Ashlea immersed herself in the pages of knowledge. Podcast episodes, carefully selected from an extensive list, became a constant companion, enriching her thoughts and expanding their horizons.

On other days, Ashlea lovingly tended to her plant babies, embracing the therapeutic nature of nurturing living things. Frequent naps offered respite and rejuvenation, while moments were also dedicated to indulging in the endless scroll of TikTok, eagerly seeking the next viral trend.

Through this evocative photo series, Ashlea invites viewers to share in the nuances of her journey, encapsulating both the challenges and the small joys discovered during this extraordinary period of self-isolation.

Shortlisted for Australian Photography Awards. View here

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