A Light in the Darkness

A  photo documentation series of my time throughout self isolation.
Inspired by the words of Christina Rinaldi and iso self portrait challenge from Michelle Grace Hunder.

As home restrictions came in for COVID-19 and I became stood down from my job, I took this as an opportunity to document how I spent my time and use this as a creative outlet. Working with a photography style unfamiliar to my usual style provided an additional challenge whilst also enhancing my concept of the project. Finding the light in what felt like a dark time across the globe. Some days spent sun bathing on the balcony and really taking the time to enjoy the sunshine all day, reading books that sit dusty on my shelf and feeding my brain with podcast episodes from a large list. Other days spent looking after my plant babies, frequently napping and spending too much time scrolling tiktok for the next trend.

Shortlisted for Australian Photography Awards. View here

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