Brittany & Dan

I was so excited to get into my new studio space and create some press shots for Brittany Leo and Dan James Johnson. This was my third time photographing Brittany which made the session extra smooth noting that it was my first shoot in this studio space. Super happy with how the images came out.

Kingdoms of Colour

Back with another challenge, this week we had to pick an album and recreate the artwork to match the music. Wow! Where does one even begin to even narrow down what album to choose. With a few albums in mind, I pursued an idea and thought I would decide afterwards. I saw this awesome idea on DIY backdrops, so I started taping flowers to my dining table and was pleasantly surprised with how well it came up.

Negative Space

I am always surprised at how quickly I can do a shoot when I have a solid concept. MGH Challenge this week was negative space and this was my first week back at work, so time just seemed to get away from me. This wall is right near my house and I knew how to frame the photo in order to capture it, which made this shoot super simple.

Serene Green

MGH Challenge Theme: Green

This weeks challenge was just to use the colour green, any way you like. I love nature so I immediately thought of heading to the Botanical Gardens and using the cactus garden as my backdrop. I also was really keen to test out double exposures and trying something different that would set myself apart from last week’s entry. Keeping the colour palette super simple I also decided to dress in green which would allow my skin to really pop and contrast in the photo. The challenge with self portraits is taking them yourself, which means there are some hurdles to get over, such as the double exposure function not working when connected to my phone, meaning I had to create my double exposure in post production.  You get a little more control this way as you can composite the second image however you like, but I tried my best to keep it as if I were to take it in camera. 

Using Format