2021, Blossom

The first MGH challenge for 2021, capture a self portrait with a twist. The twist to this self portrait is try to capture how you are feeling at the moment. I took this in the direction of how I want 2021 to feel. Moving away from new year resolutions and giving the year a word to live by. That word being blossom. A soft and subtle energy, something that acquires gentle action but all of a sudden has bloomed. 


Last MGH challenge of the year and we’re ending with Christmas. A very open challenge, either very obvious Christmas tree included in shot, or just use the Christmas colours of red and green or where ever else your mind was lead. Getting to shoot with Chloe who is also part of the community was so great! Not really much thought in mind for this shoot but to use the Christmas lights and I think we spent about 10min together and was so pleased to come out with these two shots and be voted runners up.


The year is ending and we are at the second last challenge for the year in the MGH community. This week’s theme was water and I could not feel more in my element for this shoot. From the synchronicity of confirming with Shayla that I could use her pool for her shoot the day before the challenge was announced to having the perfect weather. Everything just fell into place. I also just got the new iPhone 12 so was also keen to try and capture some underwater shots as well.  

Lady in Red

Back with another MGH Challenge, theme red! MY mind immediately went to roses and how red can mean romance. It’s so nice being out of lockdown and shooting people again and I love that my friend Sarah is always on board to help bring my idea’s to life. Something else I wanted to take into consideration with this shoot was working with harmonious colours. I chose to use a lot of green as the background to compliment the red, knowing I could mute the colour to allow the red to pop.

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